A call for reason and fairness in the case of
U.S. vs. Walter Anderson

"It is not possible that any state should long remain free where virtue is not supremely honored." – Samuel Adams

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Letters of Support for Walt



Walter Anderson is my second cousin. Wally has been a funny, playful and caring member of my family who never missed a Christmas or anniversary. It was easy buying Christmas gifts for Wally because he always wanted toys. Water guns, toy airplanes, remote control cars, you name it. As long as it was something that could be thrown up in the air making everyone laugh it was the perfect gift for Wally. The best Christmas's are the ones with Wally. This past year we didn't get a Christmas visit from him, and his absence at was a silent grief for my family.

When Wally was incarcerated last spring I thought he'd be okay. I thought he'd hire a good lawyer, be released on bail and be able to prepare for his trial. As the months went on, he was not released on bail and repeatedly lost his legal representation. He was confined to a prison, and still is, which is outrageous for me to imagine because he's not a violent or dishonest person. I've heard many bad stories about the way Wally is being treated by the federal government. I heard he was taken away from the prison a few months ago in a van by federal officials. They drove him around so he wouldn't be able to speak with his lawyers who visited him that day.

He has a big case against him, and it seems the federal government is doing everything they can to prevent him from preparing for a his trial. He's not getting proper medicine he's needs. His civil liberties are being violated left and right!

Saddam Hussein is being treated more fair than Walter Anderson.

I love Wally and want him to get good legal representation. The judge and federal officials have shown me that our constitution is slowly dissolving.


Noelle Leavitt
Concerned family member of Walter Anderson

From: "CheffJeff"
Date: January 9, 2006 10:53:58 AM EST
Subject: You're not fogotten

Walt, I don't know you...I've read about you online.

You are NOT forgotten and neither are the crimes against you forgotten, nor are the objectively guilty forgotten.  May true justice prevail.

Keep your head up.

Jeff  (can you believe I'm afraid to post my full name...in America!  :(  )

The original letter that helped to inspire this website [with minor edits], forwarded by the writer's daughter:

Brasil, Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, August 26, 2005


You know, Walt, I’ve written so much, I’ve written so many letters that they all could make a book. All of this because my letters looked banal, they sounded ridiculous and puerile to me. But I am surely going to send this last one. All their elaboration was made with such caress that, even if you laugh at my attempts, they are due to my commitment in order to distract you for a few moments.

When you rented the MIR, you were awarelessly looking for the way to Passargada. It isn’t necessary to launch yourself to the skies, though. Passargada is a little town at the ends of Persia, which is today a country called Iran. Passargada is the Lost Paradise, about which I got to know by reading the Arabic Writings.There, in Passargada, there are no treaties or laws, not even kings, emperors, doubtful representative democracies, lefts or rights. Freedom is so natural there as it is natural not to talk about ethics and moral. Everything is perfect. In Passargada, no one is born or dies, they simply exist. Mysteriously, not even the atomic bomb can reach it. You will watch a life feast, groups dancing, people of colorful skins, reds, glistening blacks, yellows, whites, all enchanting, young and beautiful; beauty emerged from the joy of living without fear, without attacks or defenses, being far away, so much far away from the savagery of those who belong to the food chain. There, there isn’t even a memory of the great monstrous warriors of History.

The Romans, with their “Ave Caesar”, this merciless god, generated a Jesus, an extraordinary psychic politician who, by preaching his philosophy in order to relieve his patricians’ pain, died on the cross; and, his apostles were crucified upside down which was even worse. I find this sort of crucifixion a terrible example for humankind.

I’m Brazilian and my parents were Christian Arabs, but I’ve already been told that I would have been Jewish in another incarnation. Believing in this, I wouldn’t have conditions to fight either for or against anyone. That’s why I insist on peace.

Diplomacy was an old attempt such as by Montezuma who felt the danger, made agreements, was betrayed and killed by Spanish plunderers that robbed and destroyed his Empire, a beautiful and great ancient civilization.

Alexander... was fortunately obstructed, defeated and killed by a tiny fly during the Red Sea crossing.

I don’t even want to refer to the sacks of the treasures in Brazil when the Portuguese turned the real land owners into slaves.

The Dutch eliminated more than half of the population on Java Island.

Another great and celebrated monstrous warrior, Napoleon, disguised as a guardian of the Liberty, Equality and Fraternity precepts, dared to take over the crown and, in person, crowned himself before the whole intimidated France.

In the...Twentieth Century, Germany, a country highly differentiated both intellectually and economically, incomprehensibly made a Hitler- a...crazy sanguinary soldier with a median intelligence who was welcomed and praised with the status of a God...to serve the purposes of destruction and horror in an immeasurable proportion with the genocide action and by setting fire to the world. I saw the cowardice, the panic and the indignity of a high-ranked officer from the German Army who, after a suicidal attempt, was taken care of by me during the shift of the first “Hospital Distrital de Brasília” Emergency Room. He wasn’t, in any way, an exact sample of the supposed superior race.

In the same World War II, in a matter of days, the bombs 1 and 2, different in quality and effect, were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagazaki. It was the biggest atrocity of the times. They could have pitied, for Japan had already been surrounded and was about to raise the white flag. And Hirohito, the god of Japan, who had said no the war, hadn’t been heard and he was obliged to himself announce officially the capture and the defeat. The world knows the bombs weren’t necessary. They could even have worked as a warning if they had mercifully dropped just one on a place that would have preserved human fraternity the most.

Now, nuclear bombs are manufactured all over the planet. And those, who can’t have the nuclear bomb or other sub-varieties, have the “ bomb-teenager”, the “bomb-child” and the drugs. This last type of bomb, the drugs, which is universally disseminated and so destructive, disguises itself as a remedy for the screams of pain and suffering, or yet for the reason to intuit the final hecatomb that threatens us.

The great assassins in History, almost in their majority, are high perilous psychopatic personalities, they are plunderers, rapers who assault, kill, drink the blood and lie down next to their victims to sleep the sleep of the fair ones.

You, Walt, didn’t kill, didn’t rob and are still imprisoned. Human justice hasn’t yet learned what it is like to be a real criminal when all mankind history is made of savagery and horror.

I’ve known you for ages. How many difficult talks, due to my poor English, we have had regarding such negative themes! It was them that made me know you. Even professionally I’m used to this custom of the analysis exercise which made me know who you are.

You are not an ordinary man. Your priviledged mind, with this superior intelligence to interpret the facts around you, refuses to admit frontiers, barriers, hates discriminations of color, religion, sex, and so on. You refused to have a family, therefore, to have children. As you told me, “ I’m afraid to pass down to my children this cursed inheritance of the miserability of human condition.”

You, who are so solidary, compassionate, generous, unable to hurt or injure and worried, used to to hire scientists and you said that your great task would be to help get rid of the damned heredity of the genetically transmitted diseases. And with all the qualities which make you a superior human being, intolerant of the bad managers of the nations, at times you take attitudes which are misunderstood by ordinary men.

You didn’t kill nor rob, but you are still imprisoned. Cautious measure? Preventive one? Does it come into one’s mind that you could be of high perilousness to the society?

I remember here, now, that the Church, the Inquisition in the Middle Ages burned slowly the invented heretics at the stakes. And so humankind goes on: inventing heretics. I was educated in a Catholic school by soft and gentle German Sisters for twelve years before going to the Medical College. They couldn’t make me believe in God. Recently, I’ve noticed that my real identity is my fingerprint, which I was given when I was still in the intrauterine life, that makes me an absolutely unique being, without a similar one on the whole planet. My voice record and the signals in my pupil reinforce this uniqueness. There must be a reason for this. There must be a very powerful intelligent energy which we can call God, capable of engendering a file that identifies us all.

When you met me, I was agnostic, but deeply mystic. Today, I light up candles for the saints to pick on God so that He sets you free. I’ve been praying zealously and I know that you will be released very soon. I wish you were my son.




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