A call for reason and fairness in the case of
U.S. vs. Walter Anderson

"No nation on earth goes to such lengths or takes such pains to provide safeguards as we do, once an accused person is called
before the bar of justice and until his case is completed." – Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, from a 1967 speech

"The Government. Serving and protecting faithfully.

Until the evil in those who wield power deem the probability of their crimes being discovered small enough to abuse their positions for personal gain. Or, worse, they're blinded by ambition.

If you've never been the target of a government conspiracy, you can't truly comprehend the frustration - and, ultimately, the fear - involved. If you have, you know that despite your innocence, you're very vulnerable. Because the government can do almost anything it wants in its pursuit of you - legal or not. And you can do almost nothing to stop it."

--recently sent by Walt (citation pending)

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Followup material (most recent first)

Walt's 2011 Press Release

Walt Anderson's Seven Commandments for Space Investment Success

Walt Anderson on "The Space Show", 1/5/2008, where he discusses his case and vision for space

Walt Anderson on "The Space Show", 5/6/2007, where he discusses his case and sentencing

In the End, the "Hidden" Truth Will be Found - article by Walt Anderson

Tom Olson on "The Space Show", 12/31/06, where he discusses Walt briefly (last 5-10 minutes of the program)

LewRockwell.com Article by Paul Craig Roberts, condemning the US "criminal injustice" system, posted 12/12/06

"Lending Library Needed ", by Walt Anderson, submitted July 25, 2006

"Offices Closing ", by Walt Anderson, submitted July 5, 2006

"To Protect and Serve ", by Walt Anderson, submitted June 25, 2006

UPDATE: On July 13th, 2006, Mr. Stanchef appeared in court, and was finally released after more than 45 days in  jail for simply drinking a beer in public. We do not believe that anybody in the criminal justice system ever apologized for this gross miscarriage of justice.

"A Third World Prison... ", by Walt Anderson, submitted June 23, 2006

"Why Space? ", by Walt Anderson, submitted April 28, 2006

"Untruth and Injustice", by Walt Anderson, submitted April 26, 2006

Correction: In the published Jan/Dec op-ed pieces (see links below), it was stated that Walt was a "lifelong resident" of the Washington, DC area. According to Walt and his attorneys, this is "technically" incorrect, as between 1994 and 1998, for example, he spent more time in Europe working with Esprit Telecom, and therefore less than the 183 day minimum annual residency requirement for DC. He has, however, certainly spent most of his life in that area and maintains strong business, personal and familial connections. The columnist regrets the error.

Full unedited version of T. Olson op-ed piece in The Libertarian Enterprise, January 8, 2006

Edited version of T. Olson op-ed piece in LewRockwell.com, December 24, 2005

Great op-ed piece on the justice system by Paul Craig Roberts, December 22, 2005

Brief DC Examiner piece, August 11, 2005

Washington Post article about Walt's indigence claim, August 9, 2005

Washington Post, July 25th, 2005 article citing conditions in the DC jail

Washington Post article about Walt's offshore "labyrinth", April 18, 2005

Original links

Washington Post, March 1, 2005

SpaceRef, March 1, 2005

MSNBC, March 3, 2005

MSNBC followup, March 4, 2005

Tom Olson's first op-ed piece on the case for LewRockwell.com, March 4, 2005

Background Material

New York Times Magazine feature, July 27, 2000

Corrections to NYT Magazine feature(!), November 5, 2000


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