A call for reason and fairness in the case of
U.S. vs. Walter Anderson

"The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence." – Thomas H. Huxley
About Walt Anderson and JusticeForWalt.com




SPACE ADVOCACY: Walt Anderson has been a major patron of the International Space University, has been one of the major supporters of Space Frontier Foundation, and served on both organization's Board of Directors. Mr. Anderson was also the founder of FINDS (Foundation for the International Non-governmental Development of Space).

BUSINESS: Mr. Anderson founded Mid Atlantic Telecom in 1983. He was the co-founder of Telco Communications Group Inc. in 1992. He founded Esprit Telecom in 1992 and served as its Chairman and CEO prior to its sale to GTS in 1999. Mr. Anderson co-founded MirCorp which leased the Mir Space Station, and arranged the historic flight of Dennis Tito to the International Space Station as the first “space tourist” in April of 2001. Mr. Anderson was the founder of Orbital Recovery Corporation, and until his indictment, was its Chairman and CEO .

BOARD SEATS: Mr. Anderson also served on the Board of Directors of the following organizations: Telco Communications Group Inc., Constellation Services Inc., American Technology Labs, LCR Corporation, Asia Access Telecom, Rotary Rocket Corporation, Net-tel Communication, Solar/Comanco Communications, Erols Internet, Epoch Internet, WorldxChange Communications, Covista Communications, Capsule Communications, Luna Corp, Teleport UK Limited, Danskjold-Reed Ltd and Trans-Pacific Telecom.

Mr. Anderson makes his home in the Washington, DC area.




Mr. Olson has been an information technology consultant for the last 23 years, whose clients have included large aerospace, civil engineering, telecommunications, and publishing firms. He presently consults on content management and security systems for the publishing industry. He founded Cyberjox, Ltd. Consulting Services , serving the greater New York City area, in 2000. Mr. Olson is also co-founder of colonyfund.com, an information site dedicated to alternative finance for new space ventures.

Mr. Olson is a Founding and Lifetime Member of the Mars Society, a past VP of its New York chapter, and was elected an Advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation in 2003.

Mr. Olson contributes articles to such online publications as LewRockwell.com, The Space Review, and The Libertarian Enterprise. He has volunteered to be the official media contact for interviews, and is also available as a formal public event speaker. Any speakers fees will be donated to Mr. Anderson's legal defense fund. Click this link for e-mail inquiries.


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